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      Hello, I have a new H7600 here and hooking it up into my system. The H7600 is being fed via analog cables from the 1/4″ stereo outputs of my H9. Can you please tell me the best cable option for this scenario? Should I use stereo 1/4″ from H9 into 1/4″ H7600 balanced (or unbalanced cables)? Should I use stereo 1/4″ from H9 into XLR H7600 balanced? Which is the best hookup for these 2 units for best signal/noise ratio? I don’t think the H9 outputs are balanced? so I’m a little confused as to what the best option would be? Cheers

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      Your best bet would probably be to use 1/4" jack cable, either TS or TRS, and plug into the 7600's 1/4" input. The H9 will automatically unbalance the 7600 input, so there is nothing else you have to do.


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