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      I have a new VP Jr 25k I’m using with an Eclipse. When I calibrate the pedal, there is a spot in the pedal travel about 70% down, when I look at the pedal calibration data, the value will stop, reverse, and become very erratic for about 10-15% pedal travel, then becomes smooth and normal again to 100%. This happens on either pedal input, and if I reverse the Tip/Ring on the VP Jr I/O, problem still happens but at about 30% into the pedals travel.

      If i use the pedal to modulate a FX block send from 0-100% – I see the same problem in the send data. The pedal works, but is not very smooth.

      Is this normal for a non-linear pot or is the pot bad? I could exchange the VP Jr.

      I don’ have access to another pedal nor do I have a guitar with active pickups to check it out as a volume pedal. Any suggestions?



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      Eventide Staff

      I'm afraid that it looks as though your pedal is faulty. It would be helpful if you could borrow another one to confirm. Otherwise, you should talk to Ernie.


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      I got another VP Jr 25k and it did the exact same thing as the 1st one. I exchanged it for a Moog EP-3 and it works quite well! The only thing I did not try with the VP’s was to try a different TRS cable. I don’t see how the cable could have caused this problem. Although I’d prefer the VP pedal as it feels great, the Moog is pretty good – I’m happy!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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