Can an H8000FW Emulate/Trounce a Fractal Audio Axe FX

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      Is there any reason why an H8000FW with all of it's DSP processing and feature set cannot emulate/trounce the capabilities of the Fractal Audio Axe FX? 

       I suspect it's all a matter of preset/DSP programming (Rocket Science). 

       My unit just arrived and I haven't hooked it up yet. It's my understanding that there are MIDI racks "presets".  It would be really sweet if a future version of the firmware had a"guitar" section that emulated the Axe Fx and trounced it.



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       Well…. you could perfectly reverse the 2 products in your question!

       Any product has its characteristics and above all, a sound! At least it should have it.

      The H8000 is an open platform on which you may be able to program a lot of other things that are not in there…yet. The openess it's a big plus…and the sound…well….hard to hear something close to it anywhere else.

      You'll get almost 2000 algorithms, including MIDI Virtual Racks that do amazing things in a new way. You'll see as soon as the box gets to your place.



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