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      I posted this as an add-on to another thread, but there was no response so I guess I’ll start a new one… I cannot connect to my PitchFactor from a Mac (MB Pro, M1 chip, running Ventura). I have followed all of the steps outlined in the previous thread to put the pedal in update mode (screen reads Update). If I connect with Device Manager, the serial number reads invalid. Attempting to connect to the pedal then results in a crash, with error log attached as RTF. If I connect with Direct Updater, it never leaves the “Searching for Pedals” screen. I have done a factory settings reset by holding the right footswitch and encoder down while power cycling– no difference.

      I do know that the connection is solid between the computer and the pedal: If I connect with Device Manager while it’s *not* in update mode, it reads the pedal and provides a valid serial number. I select the device, and it reads serial number and current firmware version (3.5.0beta[3]). If I open H9 Control, it will see and connect to the pedal, although it comes back and says it needs a software update to use H9, which directs me back to Device Manager. But it’s at least pulling a serial number (PF-00549). So it seems that connection is good, but software is non-functional.

      I should mention that while the error port lists a USB hub as peripheral, I’m connecting the PF directly to one of the Mac ports, not the hub.


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