Can’t load my User’s midi prg chane anymore !

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      E.M Pulinx

      I purchased my Eventide H8000 fw via Ideal audio  Mr Mathias Aerts (Belgium),serial  FW00735


      Since TODAYI can't load my user Prg U2 anymore, (containing 6 user banks) via a midi prg change message ( by the Roland FC200 midi foot controller ) !


      In midi set up page,  nothing has changed: all is as usual as  the beginning,and also yesterday


      When I go in the user group menu page in the program area,and use the KNOB to select the group (=my user group 2U ) I want to have in the top line :


      I have


      group :Factory

      preset:12 thru 88 96

      prog change

      midi map :Factory


      when I will go  ,as usual ,to my User bank (2 U ),and turn the KNOB on the first line (to have group :User ) ,I got


       "A bus error has occured .E12

      Program : it depends Ican receive 2 different error messages  -2020202  Data 2020202

                                                                                                   or – 07D306   Data 3030303

                                                                                                        please write this down (what does it mean ??) and reboot ;if I press on reboot,nothing happens


      When I try to set on this page the midi map to User  (last line ),what is strange that  is that in place to got Midi map 2 U ,as usual ( and as yesterday),I obtain

      Midi map 0 U ?


      please ,can you help me ?

      E-M PULINX
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      Eventide Staff

      I'm afraid I am trouble understanding what you are saying. The one thing I can see is that when you try to select your Usergroup you get a bus error message. This would suggest that the saved information has become corrupted.

      Since you have recently acquired the machine, it is hard to know what its condition is. I would suggest that you return the unit to factory defaults as described in the Manual, and then rebuild your maps/groups. It will then be in a known state.

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