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      I'm using a Roland FC200 midi foot controller to change programs,
      that's ok, but when i use the FC200 expression pedal, this causes an Eclipse program change !

      (My OS number is :  3.51)

      what i saw is if the expression pedal is set to channel #7, this causes a program change to number 7.


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       Hi Bruno

      if Eclipse changes preset…it means your Roland IS sending a program change. Please check what's coming out of it and program it properly.



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      ok, i captured midi datas with a software, but didn't find any program change.
      Here's a list of messages (first data is the time) :

      13463,129:0,Control change,1,7,0
      13453,129:0,Control change,1,7,4
      13442,129:0,Control change,1,7,10
      13432,129:0,Control change,1,7,15
      13423,129:0,Control change,1,7,19
      13411,129:0,Control change,1,7,25
      13402,129:0,Control change,1,7,32
      13402,129:0,Control change,1,7,41
      13392,129:0,Control change,1,7,54
      13380,129:0,Control change,1,7,71
      13371,129:0,Control change,1,7,89
      13361,129:0,Control change,1,7,106
      13350,129:0,Control change,1,7,118
      13165,129:0,Control change,1,7,127
      13156,129:0,Control change,1,7,119
      13146,129:0,Control change,1,7,111
      13135,129:0,Control change,1,7,102
      13125,129:0,Control change,1,7,93
      13116,129:0,Control change,1,7,82
      13116,129:0,Control change,1,7,71
      13104,129:0,Control change,1,7,59
      13094,129:0,Control change,1,7,48
      13085,129:0,Control change,1,7,37
      13073,129:0,Control change,1,7,27
      13064,129:0,Control change,1,7,17
      13054,129:0,Control change,1,7,9
      12204,129:0,Control change,1,7,0
      12194,129:0,Control change,1,7,8
      12182,129:0,Control change,1,7,13
      12173,129:0,Control change,1,7,20
      12163,129:0,Control change,1,7,26
      12152,129:0,Control change,1,7,32
      12142,129:0,Control change,1,7,38
      12132,129:0,Control change,1,7,45
      12121,129:0,Control change,1,7,52
      12111,129:0,Control change,1,7,62
      12102,129:0,Control change,1,7,76
      12090,129:0,Control change,1,7,92
      12081,129:0,Control change,1,7,108
      12081,129:0,Control change,1,7,122
      11804,129:0,Control change,1,7,127
      11795,129:0,Control change,1,7,123
      11783,129:0,Control change,1,7,113
      11773,129:0,Control change,1,7,104
      11773,129:0,Control change,1,7,92
      11764,129:0,Control change,1,7,79
      11752,129:0,Control change,1,7,67
      11743,129:0,Control change,1,7,56
      11733,129:0,Control change,1,7,47
      11722,129:0,Control change,1,7,39
      11712,129:0,Control change,1,7,31
      11702,129:0,Control change,1,7,24
      11691,129:0,Control change,1,7,16
      11681,129:0,Control change,1,7,10
      11672,129:0,Control change,1,7,1

      My expression pedal works correctly with an other fx processor.



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       Hi Bruno

      I have tried here, same OS, sending CC #7 (Volume) to Eclipse. It doesn't load any preset. At this point I'd need a full description of what are you trying to do there, how the CC is patched/to what, etc.

      You can also try to CLEAR SETUP on Eclipse to make sure it is responding correctly.



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