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      I was making some new connections on my Sound Sculpture Switchblade, ***On my computer*** with its editing software.  (for WIN & MAC, a java prog)  ITs just basic looking, but extremely easy to use, and I can make patches and edits on the fly, all with a big 22" screen to navigate.  Whilst I am changing some parameters, and got to the Eclipse, I could help but wonder WHY Eventide does not have this kind of software editor themselves?!   I have my ENGL 580 preamp, I can cantrol it on my computer.  You have lower cost effects units like BOSS GT Pro and TC Electronic G-Major 2 with software control…  The Eclipse, at 2 grand, does not have this?  It is much more massive and would definately benefit from something like this much more than the others, to control all that power with such a little screen almost seems stoneaged.  With computer control, that is the final frontier, it would then be perfect.  It's not jsut the sounds that make you creatvive, its the control as well.

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      I think this discussion is as old as the eclipse. Italo, maybe you guys put toghether such an editor. Take for example the axe fx editor. The reality is I myself stray away from the eclipse a lot lately due to this. Maybe Eventide will consider this for the near future.

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      I agree. I think this has been needed for a long time.

      I know it's said that it's a closed system, but to be able

      to combine algorithms, routings,parameters,levels,etc.

      on the computer screen would be a great help.

      Not asking for anything that can't be accessed by pushing

      buttons on the Eclipse. If sysex info was available maybe third

      party developers would take interest in an editor.

      Mac OSX intel and PC.

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