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      I'm used to using an expression pedal hooked up to my MIDI foot controller to control parameters on my Factor pedals. But I haven't tried it yet with my Eclipse.

      I've been reading the manual (sec. on External Controller), and I think I get the main concept, but i'm not 100% sure.

      I think I'd select Ext 1 and choose "MIDI single" (for coarse control of the parameters–values of 0-127, which is what I'm accustomed to with the Factor pedals and other devices). Then I need to choose a controller number (presumably any one will do??), *or* I can use the "capture" function and automate the process–right?

      I'm a little confused why I have to send a MIDI message on base channel + 2. I can certainly do it, but I will need to change my base channel (currently channel 6) to some other value, since I have another device on MIDI channel 8 (base +2=8).

      Also, what I want to do is control the mix level of a preset (mostly likely #195) from just about completely dry to completely wet. How do I gain control over *that* parameter?

      Any help?



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      You can either choose the MIDI CC yourself, or as you say, let the MIDI capture do the work for you.

      The MIDI base + 2 is not usually a requirement, more of a convenience, where you can set a base channel and relate everything else to it. In almost all cases, you can set it to base and keep it simple.

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