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      I recognized hard way today that new CF cards do not work in Eclipse. Makes sense, since they're 4-16GB, while recommended models from Eventidemanual are 16 or 256mb cards. Actually i don't actually know the reason why they don't work. However, when i'm saving preset, it takes like something between 2-5 minutes and then Eclipse says there were problem. I ordered today two 16mb SanDisk CF cards from Ebay, i hope i have better luck :).

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      it used to be like you describe. The latest OS 4.01 has addressed this problem. Many more cards with bigger capaciy can be used now.

      If your unit is running the latest OS and still has problems, they may be caused by some non_compatible cards.

      all the best


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      I see, well that sounds good..even i already ordered older cards.. Maybe i'll current one 4GB SanDisk, when i get my Eclipse updated.. now.. where do i get serial cable ? Smile

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      Maybe i should try updating my Eclipse, before i return my new 4GB SanDisk CF -card. ..if i can find serial cable somewhere :).

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      Why not using an USB Compact flash Card reader?

      That is much easier to find and faster to use.


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      Yeah, i actually bought nice card reader. SanDisk 16M cards work nicely, which i ordered from Ebay. Even the new 4GB card worked, but i decided to return it back to store, since it could store 500 patches, same amount as the 16M cards. Well, i know it can store more, but no idea how i could access them with Eclipse.

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      Eclipse can address a maximum of 500 presets on a single card. That has nothing to do with the card capacity as an old 16 MB would be enough for the job. Fact is that small capacity cards are just no longer available as technology advances and costs decrease. That's the reason today we suggest cards in the 2 GB area.

      You can't access more than 500, which we believe is still a huge amount of user presets, including another 100 you can store in the Eclipse RAM memory. 600 in all, should be plenty of stuff, shouldn't it?



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