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      I have an Eventide H8000FW unit for an year, and unit now i just used the presets on it. For some time ii'm trying to get it work over Firewire, I've read the manual i looked all over the internet but it seems i can't get it write. I managed to send to the unit all of the 8 channels of Firewire but i can only hear back the first 4 of the channels that i send on the analog output. 

      I'm using RME Fireface 8000 and Logic and a Mackie 24.8Bus mixer. 

      I'm using the Aggregate option in logic and i'm using de FIrewire 8 Track AB setting from the eventide.

      1. Is it possible to get back the processed signal thru firewire into Logic ? If yes, what setting do i have to use.

      2. If i plug 2 Firewire  cables into the eventide, do i get 16 channels, or it's only 8 for the Firewire and 8 for ADAT ?

      3. Is it better to use the eventide thru Firewire or ADAT, or is it possible to use it thru both & the same time.

      I know this has been asked so many times before, but i can't seem to get it right.

      Thank you for your time.

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      Hi Praslea

      the number of channels you can hear….depends on the routing used AND on the loaded preset.

      The routing "Firewire 8 track AB" puts the 2 DSPs in parallel, with 4 FW I/O each.

      DSP A is fed from FW INs 1/2/3/4 and outputs signal on FW OUTs 1/2/3/4

      DSP B is fed from FW INs 5/6/7/8 and outputs signal on FW OUTs 5/6/7/8

      Each DSP thus needs to run a stereo or dual stereo or 4 channels preset and will output 2 or 4 channels signals.

      Try loading 2 very different presets to verify what exactly you hear and from which DSP.

      1- Yes, you can have 8 channels on FW in Logic. It's also possible your Logic is not properly configured. We don't support DAW software but you may check the Logic example available on the User Manual.

      2- no matter how many cables you connect, the H8000 will always output 8 channels of audio.

      3- your is the choice. The H8000 can be used thru FW OR ADAT OR a mix of different standards. Personally I prefer using dedicated AUDIO channels rather than computer interfaces as this won't add any load to the CPU and will stay much more steady in every day apps.

      all the best


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      Hello I.

      Thank you for the help. 

      It seems i managed get it out right now. But i still have a problem that i don't have any idea how to resolve. I have a really big latency between the original triggered sound and the BYPASSED (or not necessarily BYPASSED) signal. How can i get the latency to be as close to 0ms as possible. I tried the samples in logic from 32-1024. That has some effect but that doesn't do the trick.

      PS: I run a Mac Pro so i don't think the computer is the problem.

      Thank you again.

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      As for latency I can't really help you w/Logic. Besides its settings maybe there's any plugin to take care of that?

      Consider that there will always be a latency on a computer system. MacPros ain't god, just a regular computer with all its good AND bad aspects. That's another goos reason to prefer "genuine" audio connections.

      Also make sure you haven't ANYTHING connected to the MacPro FW400/800 ports. Apple makes a Pro desktop with several FW ports that all share the same bus!! How Pro is that? If you connect 2 devices, your FW bandwidth is drastically reduced. Don't connect FW hard disks, shaining them to the H8000. A dedicated FW bus (maybe adding a PCI card) is the best solution…

      all the best


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      Thank you for the fast replies. 

      I understand what you say, you've been very helpful.

      I have one more quick question: Would connecting the Eventide directly to the computer with ADAT solve the problem ? 

      As i understand ADAT & Firewire can be used exactly the same only the connection type differs.

      Thank you …

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      ADAT will give much lower latency but won't support more than 4 channels of audio at 88/96KHz sampling rate.

      As for the way the unit can be used, no big difference will occur choosing between the 2 types of connections.



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      You've been very helpfull.

      Thank you. 🙂

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