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      Hello everyone i?m recording here in Sweden with Cubase sx 3 and Fireface 800 .

      I?m not technician cant every term , but how you folks connect your soundcard to Eclipse? 

       i?ve tried S/dif send from FF and IN on Eclipse it?s Good but when i tried SENDING TOGETHER  OUT/ Eclipse and IN/FF 800 then i get FEEDBACK?

       I?ve tried both Pro annd Csn i have no idea what diffrence is ?

      Maybe some of you do have same issue or same soundcard Can anyone help me ? 

      Thx  Very Much

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       Hi Lars

      very likely your audio routing in Cubase is sending AND receiving signal to and from Eclipse at the same time, thus creating a loop that runs away to feedback. You should have only one way audio when you listen to it.

      all the best


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       Also make sure to try various patches. Some could cause feedback depending on input/output levels.

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