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      Im trying to get my Eclipse to work with a MOTU MicroLite midi interface (its a 5×5 USB interface)

      I have a midi foot controller which im able to control my eclipse with if i connect the 2 directly (point to point).  However, if i go thru a midi interface Eclipse is not receiving any of the midi messages (I have the Eclipse set to Omni-channel mode under midi setup… the midi messages from the pedal board are being received by the computer (in Logic i can see the messages being received) but the Busy light on the eclipse never lights up.

      Im using latest Mac OSX with MOTU's latest drivers and have all the midi channels enabled for both devices in OSX's MIDI

      do i need some midi-merger utility? any help would be greatly appreciated


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      Check to see if the BUSY light on the Eclipse flashes when you think you are sending it MIDI – if it does, check channels etc, or use "MIDI capture" to identify what is being sent. If it does not, the MIDI is being lost before it gets to the Eclipse, and you'll have to speak to Mr.Motu.

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