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      Hello I need help


      Hello I want to know how should I connect my device H7600 To My  sound card Rme Fireface 400 inThe best way possible

       What sound better analog or digital

      And if I can connect only the digital out of my sound card to  digital input in the eventide

      and then From the eventide anlog out to my sound card Since I see no point to convert the digital sound from my daw to analog and then to eventide and then Analog from the eventide to  digital daw

      and i whether if  performance will be better than a connect  all in the  analog  way

      I also want to know if should connect the anlog  cable Xlr Balanced To PL  Balanced or Unbalanced


       and which  cable are fit 




      Standard Console Cable
      Part No. W2944       

      Large Conductor Size Console Cable
      Part No. W2806       

      I connect them With Neutrik Connector !!!


      For Digital Cable mogami




      Thank you very much 🙂

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      Eventide Staff

      I think you probably have to ask RME this question, as they will know their equipment the best.

      The 7600 can be connected by either analog or digital. Digital will be best, but there are clock source issues (again, ask RME).

      If you use analog, XLR balanced will be best.

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