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      In the preset #1427 Synthlike filter, when i hold select on cutoff i cannot assign my boss expression pedal – which is connected to pedal 1 – to be at the bottom of the sweep low frequency of the sweep)  when the pedal is up and end of sweep (high frequency) when the pedal is down.  This is a severe problem.  I can't sweep a guitar like that.  Ive been doing it my whole life theother proper and right way where you sweep up through the frequencies as you press the pedal down. .  Can this be done the right way because now it is in reverse when selecting absolute under "type"

      I cannot get it to work neither with my H8000 nor my axe FX with pedal 1 input.  It only worked when i had my midi controller ans assigning expression but that is gone now and i have to use the pedal one input with the continuous control (out put kack of the boss FV500H. .

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      Hi Mr Zap

      Don't really understand you. It sounds like you are saying that your pedal will not control over the full range. This may be because you pedal itself is not covering the whole range – look at the "monitor" on the externals page to see if it is sweeping far enough. If not, you may want to try calibrating the pedal (UM p.92).. Or, you can try "scaling" the controller (UM p.104).

      But, note that when you remote control a knob as you describe, you cannot exceed the range of the knob, for fairly obvious reasons.

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      I think it was the wrong cable messign it up and glitching it…  what is it supposed to be, a mono TS patch cable?  I think i was using a wrong one… anyways ive been out of it for a while but back at it… i will try the right cable and get back to you….  anyways…  if you can see my other thread on the new external hardware sequencer and lemme know what you think.

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