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      Hi there,

       Sorry if this has been covered before but am struggling with this and feel guilty to owning H8000FW and an eclipse without being able to work out its midi capability.

      I have been able to control it via DAW in the past but wanted more hands on control.

      I have a Faderfox LD2 LC2 and X-session

      the fader fox i have tried scrolling through every knob position and only been able to find to function that work general1  CC16 and general 2

      Gen 1 works fine but Gen 2 is only 100% or 0%?

      i have change the absolute parameters also with no difference

      The LC2 has faders when i adjust these it seems to change the midi banks and nothing else.

      In regards to x-session i cannot make this work at all although both units can be mapped to ableton in midi mode very simply.(x-session via USB)

      Sorry if this is a boring issue I just cannot get it to work.

      is it possible to have the controller and daw connected in order to record live edits?

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      Eventide Staff

      I know nothing about the Faderfox so can't be of much help.

      If you are having trouble with H8000 or Eclipse, I would suggest that you read the User Manuals very thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the "MIDI Capture" feature. The fact that you seem to be able to get some things working suggests that the hardware is functional and connected – it would appear to be more a matter of settings.

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      Hi There, 

      I have gone back over the eclipse manual and cannot find what you said about Midi 'capture'

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      Cracked it…well at least with the eclipse the capture is nestled in other page!!!

      Is it possible for me now to record a performance into my DAW?

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