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      This is a question possibly related to that below regarding DAW I/O. I too, finally bit the bullet and bought my 8000 this week. Orville and 3500DFX are going away. Question of best I/O brings up quality of converters on 8000. They seemed pretty darn good on Orville. But, for those of us with high-end converters (IE Apogee…), or even mid level, are they THAT good? Reason I ask is because I am now tempted to use 8000 for additional ADC duty. If I have a signal I can send through 8000 ADC (w/o EFX), does this make sense? Are the converters that good? Real world exmple: I am running stereo guitar signal (preamp direct) into 8000 and out w/ EFX via AESEBU to DAW. At at same time, I am micing cabs into another preamp which will be dry but needs ADC. I could send the signal out of 8000 analog into Apogees and preamped mics into Apogees. Or, I could just send the miced signal into Analog 3&4 of 8000 and send them through (dry) via FW with the effected signal. Question is: how good are 8000 converters? I could spend a lot of time A/Bing them. But, I figured somebody out there already knows this. Thx!

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      the converters on the H-8000FW are very good. Admittedly they're not PrismSound, DAD or Lavry but they are very good. At least this is my personal opinion. I have a similar situation where I felt that I am not doing justice to my H-8000FW by routing its outputs into an RME Fireface 800, so top quality converters are definitely on my list although I shiver at the idea of how much would I have to pay to have all my synthesizers connected this way.

      Maybe the guys here at Eventide can tell you more about this issue.

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       It would be hard to hear difference between Apogee and H8000 converters.

      You'd need a higher level converter to really get A difference. 


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