Could it to be an operating sistem BUG?

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       Ciao !

      I have a problem with my eclipse,after updated the operating sistem to 3.51 version ,when I try to copy a preset to memory location "1./.99" after the copy I try to load the copied preset but my eclipse or shut down and restart or  it give me a message like:(I can't load algoritm number xxxx) and I must shut down an restart.

      I have try to do all the things that the manual say me to resolv many problem (Pag.52 of eclipse user manual) I have updated again the operating sistem too but I have alowais the same problem …I can't copy program , if I load the preset that I want to copy and save it on memory 1../..99 I don't have any kind of problem………?

      Could it to be an operating sistem BUG?

      P.S.Could I reload the old 3.1version?

      Grazie …and sorry for my english



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      Eventide Staff

       Sorry – don't understand what you mean by "1./.99".

      Could you also tell us the number of the preset you are trying to save, and the actual number you are trying to save it as ?

      You can certainly reload the 3.1 version – it is on the Eclipse page under "Previous Software Updates". Be sure to clear setup if you do this.

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       I Nick

      thank you for your reply 

      I mean by 1./.99 (from user location 1 to user location 99) the 99 location where an user can store his personal preset .

      The preset that I have try to store is the 290 but it is not important because I tried whit other preset too.

       Scuse me what you mean whit "Be sure to clear setup if you do this.

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      Eventide Staff

       It is always helpful for us to know the exact presets involved. Many times people think a particular problem occurs all the time, whereas in reality it only happens in certain cirumstances, i.e. with certain presets.

       Eventide recommends that you perform a "Clear Setup" operation after every upgrade – this returns the unit to factory defaults and gets it into a known state. You can do it by holding down the SETUP key at powerup – it won't erase user presets. You will then have to redo any non-default settings.

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       Nick please sorry for my delay but  I have just finished to try to copy again…..well now I can explane you exactly the situation:

      The preset that I try to copy is the 290 (Buenos Notches).

      I load the preset in this memory location ,it's working well.

      The first thing I do is to try to copy it on the cartridge, (Mem.location 516)

      after the copy I load the preset that I have copied,it working well in this case too.

      The second thing I do is to try to copy this preset from cartridge to memory location 19 the copy process is OK but when I try to load the preset the Eclipse is crashed.

      I re-start the Eclipse.

      The 3 thing I try is to overvrite the 19 location with the preset located in memory location 290 ,the overwrite process is OK but when I try to load the preset the Eclipse is Crashed again

      What do you think?


      I forgoting another important thing :If I don't Copy but I Save the preset on memory location 19 It working well Indifferent

      Now !  What do you think?

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      Eventide Staff

       This is indeed a bug. Sorry. It has been reported before on this forum and has already been fixed by our engineers and will be part of the next release.

      The actual bug is that SETUP/UTILITY/COPY does not work on factory programs, producing a corrupted file that can crash the unit.

      The workaround is to use SAVE instead.

      There is not normally any reason to save an exact copy of a factory preset as a user preset, which is why this problem was not spotted before. It will also be present in V3.1 and earlier versions.

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