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      I bought the Eclipse new about two years ago (version 3.0), and I've been faced with two issues:

      1. Chorusdelays and pandelays often distorts, if signal is present at the input while loading the preset. I mean, if I'm playing at the same time as loading the preset, the delayed signal sounds "broken" – as in completely distorted. I need to load those presets in complete silence in order for them to work. Is – as you might see – is an issue while playing live. Have any of you had this issue, and can it be fixed?

      2. Do the newer software versions allow algorithms "pandelays" and "TdelayaPlex" to be loaded in the same preset? I can't do this with mine.


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      Hi Aro

      distortion is usually caused by A/D & D/A converters overdrive. This happens for one or more of the following reasons:

      -input signal level being too high, either at the source or boosted at input stage

      -incorrect signal type/connector type matching. Eventides use XLR for +4 dB balanced and unbalanced signals (using balanced cables in both cases) and 1/4" jacks for instrument levels signals. What's your setup?

       Regarding your second question, Pandelays& Tdelay 4 Plex have been always possible to be loaded in the same preset.

      Probably your unit needs a CLEAR SETUP?

      all the best


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