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      Hello Guys,

      I made two device panels for Eventide Eclipse and Cubase owners.

      My motivation was my shoulders are weak for the continuous button press on the unit…

      I’m using Cubase 11, so the panels will work on this version, and possible on the older versions too.

      The Eclipse factory patches came from my Eclipse version 4.01.

      YT video:

      DL link:

      One of the panel sends bank and program change midi messages, the other sends single sysex patch dumps to the Eclipse’s edit buffer.

      The buttons are working same on both panels, sending sysex to the HW unit.

      U can’t use and can’t add your own presets in the sysex version easily. I must burn every factory patch into the device panel, because of Cubase’s limitations.

      But it could be a good starting point for who has more than 100 custom patches, because the Eclipse’s internal memory is low.

      You can find two example installations in the YT video. Sorry for no sound, my English is khmmm…

      If you want to try the sysex version (Eventide Eclipse V4 SYSEX.xml), you must copy the attached presets folder into %APPDATA%SteinbergCubase 11_64Presets on PC.

      The folder will looks like to this on WIN10:

      “c:UsersUserNameAppDataRoamingSteinbergCubase 11_64PresetsMIDI Snapshot Eventide Eclipse V4 SYSEX F59C369B38CA4C73893F5FF289B6F820”

      I also attached a preset installer “install_sysex_presets_win.bat” file, but it will works only, if you are using Cubase 11 64bit on Win10.

      No additional preset installation necessary for the bank and program change version (Eventide Eclipse V4.xml).

      I must say a big thank you to Tom Helvey, who categorized well the factory presets in a txt file.

      As you know, Eventide keeps themselves the midi sysex implementation, and the Cubase’s midi device XML specification also isn’t documented.

      So I spent a few days to find a “better than nothing” solution.

      Good luck, I hope it can fill the gap a little bit.

      I made both panels for free!

      If you find them useful, you can support me on paypal:

      Also, you can contact me, if you have ideas how do I improve them, but I can’t promise much,

      because the possibilities in Device Panels are really limited.


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      Thank you, you are awsome!

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      Thank you dedovstas!

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