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      Hello, I have a Space stompbox (love it, by the way!) and wanted to double check what firmware version is the most up-to-date….

      It’s somewhat confusing, because at (from 2017) it says 5.2.0[6] is the latest. However, the official downloads page for the Space shows this:

      Which makes me think perhaps that 5.0.0 [5] is the most recent. It’d be great if the Eventide website showed this info. in a clear and easy-to-find way … But until then, I guess posting a question here will work!

      Thanks for your help,


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      Eventide Staff

      I think 5.2.0[6] is the latest one. You can find it out and update your Space in the Direct Updater (bundled with H9 Control). After you update your Space to the latest 5.2.0[6], you will be able to use H9 Control to manage presets and control your Space.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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