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      Please, one more thing.I asked you to write me the supported scales of the h7600 on my previews reply.I want to know how many more scales the H7600 covers in comparison with the Eclipse.Can you also tell me if the Eclipse supports custom scales like H7600?

      That's what the manual of the H7600 says for the custom scales:






      Custom Scale Pitch Shifting fills the gap


      – it overrides the strict math rules of Chromatic Shifting

      and expands the musical ones, allowed by the Diatonic version. You can create your own scale, made

      of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 notes. You can choose the exact amount of pitch shifting applied to each

      single note in your custom scale, opening up territories like Counterpoint, Hybrid Harmonies, Poly-

      Tonality, Ethnic Harmonies and more… much more!



      Thank you

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      The Eclipse and 7600 support the same scale types, but have different arrangements for custom scales. You should look at the diatonic shifters in the Eclipse Algorithm Manual for more Eclipse information.

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