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      Hi all,

      so, I would like to calculate the delay time of various music values in a tempo of x. Let's say x = 120. I divide 60 by 120 which gives a value of 0.5 seconds or 500 msecs for a whole note, right? From then for half values it's 250 msecs, for quarter notes it's 125 msecs and so on…

      Then I opened in VSig a preset to see how these timings are handled. We have a lookup table with text values (such as wholes, quarters, eighths and so on) and their corresponding numbers. First of all how are these numbers calculated? For instance for a quarter note I see the value of 1000 (obviously in msecs) which is 1 sec. Then, these numbers are multiplied with the help of a Math module with whatever value is on the MIDImodule so that the final tempo can be computed. I checked in the VSig help file, and it says that for a tempo of 120 the default value is 1. In this particular algorithm the value is 0.5 but since no MIDI signal is present, I suppose that this value is ignored, right? So if my calculations are correct and a quarter note is 125 msecs and if the MIDImodule has the default values, why a quarter note in this preset is 1000 msecs?

      I have also noticed that the VSig help file is ver.2.0 whereas the actual editor is 2.4. For instance a value of 3 can be assigned to certain parameters in the MIDIModule but it's not documented in the help file. Can you tell me where can I find the latest help file?

      Best Regards


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      HI Yannis

      this is stuff created very long time ago.

      We included examples in the presets library for programming use (and studying purposes).

      Check 7015 Tempo Dly_Lfo Jig

      Basically the MIDI Clock module has to be set with inner values you will see if you open it in Vsig (you could also check its module help description). This module works for Tap Tempo hardware controllers too if set that way; no MIDI is needed. The value it sends out is then multiplied by the control table values to provide the rhythmic figures needed. Probably just easier to use the jig as it is…. it works!

      There is no newer help file version than 2.0 at the moment. Maybe Nick can add some info?





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