Did I accidentally delete the manufacturer presets on 4500 when I reset?

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      I reset my friend’s Harmonizer 4500 by restarting and holding down the 8 button, and said “Yes” to the question about erasing settings (thinking that this didn’t refer to manufacturer presets). Now the unit says “Can’t find any programs” when it’s trying to load programs. All the self-tests (restart holding down 5 and stepping through each option) say the unit is fine. Did I screw up hugely, and if so does anyone have ideas for how to restore the programs? (I tried checking for cold solders on the board connections but resoldering them didn’t help.)

      Thanks in advance

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      Eventide Staff

      While you should be careful about major resets unless you know what you are doing, this is probably not your fault.

      My guess is that like the other thread with the same issue, there is a bad connection either on the little "piggy-back" flash memory board or the connections to it, meaning that the factory programs are inacessible.

      What you did deleted the user presets, which were the only visble ones, leaving nothing.

      You should have someone handy open up the unit and check the solder joints and connections on and to the little memory board.

      If that fails you will probably want to send it in for service, support@eventide.com


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      Thanks so much, nickrose! I was terrified that I’d bricked the unit. I’ll re-check the solders and trace the connections before biting the bullet and calling in the cavalry. I know the flash chips are getting power but the data connections may be the ones at fault. Really appreciate the input.

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      Looks like it’s pretty clear that I did actually delete the manufacturer preset after all. I hadn’t seen Tech Note 97 prior to doing the self-tests, so I didn’t know that “Test 4500 All

      runs all DSP4500 tests. Loopback adaptors will be needed for some of these. Will erase factory presets and any card in slot. Test 4500 NL Runs all DSP4500 tests that do not require loopback adaptors. Will erase factory presets and any card in slot.”

      Feeling really, really stupid. Any suggestions? I also posted a specific question about this under a separate heading in this Forum in the hope that others might see it and offer ideas.

      Thanks for any help you can provide.

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