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      I am a Bigsby/ trem addict.  Unfortunately, I have a number of guitars that don’t have them.  On those guitars, I constantly find my right hand reaching for the missing trem/ Bigsby arm.  It strikes me that it might be possible to get close to the “wavering” sound (I don’t divebomb) with my Eclipse and expression pedal.  I played with the vibrato algo on my H9 a bit and it wasn’t bad.  But, it strikes me that I might be better off with a pitch algo and the eclipse where modulation options are more extesive.  What I am trying to do it to create that gentle wavering in pitch, but not perfectly like vibrato does.  I was thinking of using a pitch algorithm to control the pitch across a very narrow range (the range of a Bigsby, maybe 50 cents, primarily down).  But, to make it more realistic, I need some modulation in the rate.  A Bigsby/ Trem is not fixed.  Typically your rate of pitch change (as opposed to depth in cents) varies.   So, I’m looking for an algorithm that will do both the pitch and the rate w/ 1 exp pedal.  It actually might be OK to have the depth (in cents) stay the same and simply control the rate with a pedal.


      Any ideas how this would be best done?   The vibrato/ pan algorithm isn’t bad, just a bit too mechanical.   I’m going to post same to H9 Forum as my H9s might be a better option..


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