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      Hi Folks,

      I have an 8000FW and I have to tape my Firewire cable into the body of the case of the 8000 or it will fall out or get loose and loose the connection. I then have to reboot the computer, my DM3200 and the 6000. I Finally taped the thing on.

      Today I wanted to see if the ADAT connection would give me less latency so I spent $54 on Toslik cables and they fall out of the connections in the back of the unit. They won't stay in.  I taped them in but I can't tell if the connection was positive so I gave up on this line of solution. 

      Also, my old computer failed and Apple replaced it wih a new one but it doesn't run anything but Snow Leopard. This in the middle of a final mixdown of a clients CD.  So I have a $5000 unit that is utterly useless to me now until you guys put a programmer on the driver project full time! I am really disappointed in your assembly work and digital support. I would never have spent the money had I known the workmanship quality.

      I love the effects and have been using them since 1981.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Chris,

      I'm sorry that you are having these problems. The unit should be sent back to us so that we can get it repaired. Please send an email to detailing the problem, as you have done here, and also include your serial number. We'll get you all the necessary information for getting it repaired. Thanks.


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      Re ADAT connections falling out I have the same problems, but that is due the edge of the ADAT connection on the cable being slightly too wide so it gets in the way and the ADAT plug doesnt quite clip into place. I have made do by just getting some velcro cable ties and attaching the cables so some others and that holds them in place so long as the unit is not moved. There are other ADAT cables available that have a thinner actual connector head on them which might work better for you and I will need to get some of those soon too, but for now it works ok for me 🙂

      Not sure about the other issues you are having as I am PC based, but hope you get it sorted


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      For ADAT connections, the Hosa/Livewire OPT-100 series cables always latch solidly in my H8000FW.  I am confident they will work for
      everybody.  Anything with "OPT" in the part number will work, like OPT-102, OPT-103, OPT-106, etc.

      We had a thread about it a couple years ago, you can read more here –

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      Thanks for the info. I will definately check those cables out.

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      Ditto. i'll keep in mind that I can send the unit back although I think I'll just wait for the SL driver.

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