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      Hi Eventide,

      1 – i have allways used my Eclipse with the analog inputs without any problem, but now i'd want to switch to the RCA digital input and don't manage to get any sound. The signal come from a Joemeek SixQ, and i've successfully tested it with the digital input of my computer soundcard. On my Eclipse, setting the digital input to RCA, the clock to DigIn and SRC off, the status allways displays "unlocked", whatever the clock setting on the SixQ. Have i missed some setting elswhere on the Eclipse, or may i suppose that my RCA input is dammaged ? I can't test the optical link unless i found a proper cable.

      2 – About the pitch shifting algos : i mainly use them as octaver effect (1 or 2 octave down) and, on polyphonic input, i believe that adding a "highest note" parameter (i.e. the notes above won't be considered by the pitch tracking) would be very useful. One can found this setting on many octaver stompboxes (like the Boss OC-3) and it allow to have only the lowest notes acting as a bass line while the upper notes remains alone. Futhermore, i think it can help the tracking process to work better on polyphonic sound, if all the frequencies above this setting are ignored.

      Have a great day,

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      Eventide Staff

      Try a CLEAR SETUP, then set the unit as you describe. If this doesn't help, try a different (and shorter) RCA cable. If this fails, contact

      SP/DIF is not a very rugged format, and is sensitive to noise pickup and cable length. In particular, it should not normally be used above 48kHz.

      The pitchshifters have a "minpitch" setting, but not one for max pitch. Sorry.

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      Hi Nick,

      my cable is already very short, si i have only tried the clear setup today : no change. I'll test the optical link in a near future before deciding if i send the unit for repair…hard to live without my Eclipse for a couple of days !

      Regarding the "highest note" parameter, i knew it doesn't exist. I just want to point out that it would be a nice improvement for a future release of the software.

      All the best,

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      There are official recommendation for SPDIF cables, that are different from your usual RCA cable. But I used my Eclipse with SPDIF with the lowest quality RCA cable with no problem.

      Before sending for repair, I would try and connect another piece of equipment, and also try again while reading the Eclipse manual about the SPDIF connection (well, I guess you did it already).

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      yes i've tried all this, but i get an optical Toslink cable today and…it's working ! I finally think that my RCA input is damaged in some way, but well, the optical link is ok for my use, so i'll let my Eclipse as it is for the moment.

      All the best,

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