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      Top Jimmy

      Orville 3.002.

      I've just begun using the digital outs, SPDIF as well as analog outs for recording. I have noticed a much weaker signal from the digital outs, is this normal?

      I'm only getting DSP A, I guess this is to be expected from the Orville. I could possibly purchase adapters for AES to connect to my interface. Are the levels of AES outs weaker than analog as well?

      In 'Levels' I have everything set at 0.0db, analog & digital. I may have missed something, this is the first time I've used digital outs and the features like 'sync to SPDIF' and word clock are relatively new to me. However I have tried both consumer and professional formats and there is no difference. Also I'm set at 48k, and my RME interface is sync'd from SPDIF.

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      Eventide Staff

      Not really sure what you mean by "weaker." The peak signal level for the digital corresponds to the peak analog signal level.

      It is possible that you are not using the full analog swing (goes up to about +25dBu) which is very high. If this is so, what you will view as a high level analog signal will not seem so high on the digital.

      Note that not using enough of the analog headroom will increase noise and distortion.

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