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      I have a Ping Pong delay setting and I want to assign an expression pedal to the delay time, from say 200ms MIN to 600ms MAX. There are two delays, respectively Delay A and Delay B in that algo, and both values of the delay need to be equal in order for the ping pong effect to sound natural and equally spaced left and right. However, when mapping my pedal to Delay A, I can use the rotary encoders in Emote to set DELAY A MIN and DELAY A MAX, but it doesn’t show the values nor allow a manual entry for each. In turn, after setting A and looking to set Delay B, I have to approximate the best I can the way DELAY B MIN and DELAY B MAX are mapped to the same expression pedal, as the end goal would be for the same expression pedal to modulate the delay of both delay A and delay B by the same exact amount. I hope this makes sense.  The obvious solution would be to display and provide a manual entry for the MIN and MAX values, so that I could enter the same exact values. I don’t know if this is a potential software upgrade for Emote but hopefully.

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      Yes, this is something that we hope to fix in Emote so it correctly displays the min/max values when mapping a parameter.

      Do you have a unit with the front panel? If you go to Parameters > Custom Map the min/max values will be displayed on the H9000’s screen. The would be the best workaround for mapping precise values.

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      No I’m using the H9000 Rack unit, so only Emote. Thanks for the response, I think it would be fine. However, the best answer would be the ability to not only display the values in Emote, but edit them where the display would take place. Otherwise, I’ll have to keep fumbling with the mouse to try to get the rotary to display 220.0 if that’s the value i got on the Delay A control mapping. I have no idea how the display only will be sensitive to using the mouse to adjust the display whereas a good ol’ entering the data would be much better IMO. Regards. PH

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