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      hi…… first of all i'm new with this…….

      i bought an h8000a and im sendint it to eventide to get the firewire card connector installed….

      i've been playing with it a little bit and i could find any distortions that could work with what i'm doing….. i've been lookins in the 1800's that in the manual are under dist…..

      i have a line 6 xt pro and i was wondering if the dice would work in a similar way to the line 6 edit software

      1)i was wondering if after i upgrade it with the firewire i would be able to work the distortions with the dice software or not…….

      2) i was told that the beringher midi  floorboard would work perfect with it but i've noticed that the presets takes like 2 or 3 seconds to upload……..how would this work faster for live situations????

      i appologgies for my ignorance

      thanks a lot


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      Hi Andy

      the Dice is simply a FireWire driver, required to use the H8000FW with a computer via FireWire. This enables correct audio communication and doesn't provide any programming capabilities or sound design. This is ossible using the Graphical Editor Vsigfile, which is meant to be used to create algorithms. Probably you simply need to spend generous time on the distortion presets to tweak them.

      The latency in loading presets can't be changed…BUT…:

      -you have 2 processors in the H8000. So you can load 2 presets and use MIDI to re_route your signal to any of them.

      -take a look at the MIDI Virtual Racks (and their explanation in the Presets Manual last pages). These monsters may solve your problem.

      all the best


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