Do we have a DATE for v 4.0 yet?

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      Someone said "end of the month" – we're close aren't we?

      ~ J

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      There's been so many promised dates for this OS, I wouldn't be suprised to see yet another one slip by. I know, it's a free update, and I know it's going to rock when it finally does arrive, but I do wish Eventide would stop giving us unrealistic dates.

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      And/or stop teasing us like a stripper, with juicy V4 details that make the wait hurt so much. As long as it's stable I'll be happy (there's no doubts about the beauty of it).

      i concur that the OS delays are definitely contributing to my procrastination to tweak my Rig /Sound, which is effecting my overall musical production 😉

      I would rather wait a while longer than have my Eclipse freezing up. Take your time, and hurry up about it!

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      Please disregard the "Suggested by bnoble" tag, I absentmindedly clicked the fancy new button. 

      Suggestion to the forum admin: a subsequent button labeled "retract my suggestion".

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