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      Hi, my name is Sylvain and I'm a guitar player from France. I'll be getting a DSP 4000 harmonizer in a couple of days and I have a few questions about the connections and wiring of the unit.

      I have two separate guitar rigs running at the same time (with a help from a GCX guitar switcher – 8 mono audio loops): the first one is a Hiwatt dr103 amp head without any effects loop and the second one is a Mesa Boogie Triaxis preamp going into a Boogie power amp.

      I'd like to have the ability to run the Eventide harmonizer either between the Triaxis preamp and power amp or in front of the Hiwatt (depending on what amp I select with my switcher).

      Connecting the Eventide between the preamp and power amp is not a problem since signals are line-level ones (I'll just have to use the XLR balanced inputs and outputs with balanced cables – XLR to unbalanced 1/4" plugs). But how about running the Eventide in front of the amp in mono? I know it's not the best setup for the Eventide but for distortions I'm using stompboxes since the Hiwatt is a clean amp. Can I use the unbalanced input and output (1/4" unbalanced -10 dB) to do this? In other words can I use balanced and unbalanced in and outs to feed different amps? If it's not possible, what would be the other options available?

      Thanks in advance for your reply


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       Hi Sylvain

      we have never tested the unit with both +4dB and -10dB I/Os connected at the same time.

      You will have to try IF this works, when you switch from one format to the other.

      If it doesn't, you may need to make a choice.

      all the best


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       Hi Italo

       I just received the DSP 4000 harmonizer, I think I'm gonna enjoy it! I will test the unit with both outputs connected and see if it works. I'll let you know about the results. Thanks again.

      All the best


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      you could use an active buffer in front of your guitar signal. This would raise the signal level significantly…. and thus reduceing the difference between the levels in the triaxis and guitar level.

      Custom audio, and skydstrup has some excellet ones….

      -best regards

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       Hi, thanks for the tip, I'll try that out with my DMC GCX buffer…by the way the DSP 4000 is a great processor even though it's been around for a while. I can get some amazing sounds out of it (I should say out-of-this-world sounds). After all Steve Vai is currently using one so that says something! 

      Best regards


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