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      my DSP 4000 is not powering up or showing any signs of life at all… so i need to try changing the fuse. 

      250V-1A SLO-BLO… check

      but no idea, even after opening the lid, of how to actually replace it (or find it). it's clear where it is, but zero idea how to access it. 

      I've had this unit for a dozen years, at least, but this is the first time i've had any problem…. the original fuse has lasted this long.

      needless to say, it's waaay out of warranty, and i'm not going to be reaching any Eventide techs on a Sunday.

      any help appreciated.

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      On the back of my GTR4000, there is a round fuse holder right next to where the power cable plugs in.  No need to pull the cover…



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