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      Greetings. First post… first time user and relative newcomer to recording here.  

      I got a 2nd hand DSP4000 off ebay about 2 weeks ago and really enjoy using it. So far I've been using is for processing tracks I already have. I'm wondering if the unit is suitable for tracking. I tried this with a vocal preset but fond the latency too large (my DAW buffer settings were ok – without the DSP4000 the latency was not noticable). 

       Signal chain was: mic–>pre–>analong in to DSP 4000 –> analog out of DSP4000 and into my DAW's A/D converter. 

       I'd be OK with just using it as I have been on already recorded trakcs but would like to try tracking with it if that's doable. Is the latency too high for tracking or am I just doing it wrong? Appreciate any tips or advice on this. Thanks. 


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      Hi Charlie

      I don't have an exact spec about latency for the 4000. You may try adjusting buffers between 4 and 12 milliseconds to get to the sweet spot. These units have been used for tracking so it should be possible to get there.


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       Great – thanks for the info. Knowing that it's doable now I'll explore buffer settings within the unit and get it to work. Appreciate the fast reply! 


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