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      Jake Bell

      when booting up the DSP 4500 I get the emssage


      when I boot up the dsp 4500 I get this message

      an address error : 0x0000B8C6

      Status register: 0010000000000000

      please write these down and reboot

      on another forum I saw where someone said they needed the start up reset command ?

      Can you tell me please what does the error message mean and how to reset this? Thanks in advance / Jake Bell

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      Eventide Staff

      You don't say at what point in the startup sequence this message occurs. But, assuming it is early on, try the following:

      1) Hold down PROGRAM at powerup, and say yes when asked "do you want to.."

      2) If that fails, hold down the '8' key at powerup, and say yes when asked "do you want to..". This will delete all user presets and settings.

      3) If that fails, return it to Eventide or a dealer for service. You might want to disconnect the power and then remove the top and check that all socketed parts inside are well seated in their sockets before doing this..

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      Jake Bell

      Thanks very much for the help!! option number 1 worked.

      Jake Bell

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