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      Jake Bell

      I have a DSP 4500 and I’m using it with Logic – with Virtual synths

      Two issues arose. the frst is I now get the error message

      “Bad Checksum” when I first boot up.

      I notce also that when changng presets while the 4500 is routed through send/return ,in Logic

      any changing to another preset will cause that preset to begin feeding back or go into very dostorted sounds.

      I also notce that when no sound at all is going though the 4500 into logic from any instrument…there is still the indiction of sound coming from somewhere…i

      t seems to be a low levelhum not audible to the ears but it is visible in the Aux send/return track meter

      that there is sound coming from somewhere and it seems to be the eventide and not from somewhere else.

      I’m connecting the Evebtide using SP/DIF cables that a friend made himself…I’m on a macbook Pro using OS 10.11

      Thanks in advance for your assistance



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      Eventide Staff

      A number of issues.

      1) Bad checksum probably means the battery backed ram is on its way out. Look at "Fixing internal memory problems" in the UM. If it comes back after this, you need to replace the ram.

      2) Your feedback problems are most likely a feature of the way the unit is connected – it won't do it by itself.

      3) Your hum is probably a ground loop, which cannot be fixed remotely. First step is to plug the 4500 into the same outlet as your computer.

      (2) and (3) may need local technical help.


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