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      Tokin Tone

      Hi. I’ve just bought a DSP 7500 which I’m looking forward to getting stuck into soon, but it does have a couple of issues that someone might be able to help me out with …

      The data wheel has come off … it seems there are 2 grub screws to hold it on, but the heads seem to be worn, someone probably has tried to tighten them with the wrong size allen key. Does anyone know what size they are if I can find replacements ?


      Secondly, this could be a major problem or not … The AES digi IO has been quoted as working OK, but the previous owner didn’t seem to be able to get the analog IO working, though I don’t think it was in his hands for long, so not sure if he actually had a go at delving into the menus. I seem to remember on my eclipse that you could switch IO’s on and off. Could that be the case with the 7500 ?

      Thanks in advance for any help


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      Eventide Staff

      For obvious reasons, we can't offer much support for second-hand older units.

      But, that said:

      1) Call into our switchboard and see if you can order a complete knob (201 641 1200).

      2) The DSP7000 manual is available on our Web Site, which may answer operational questions.


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