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      I am not sure if this has been asked before but when I power up my DSP4000 I get the “Analog I/O test failure #1000″…contact service department” message. I read somewhere that this is an AD/DA converter issue and to make sure that the unit is well ventilated, but does this affect the sound and performance of the unit? I mean after I press “continue” it loads properly and is ready to operate. I know this is a discontinued product but it would be really helpful if anyone has any info on the subject.

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      Eventide Staff

      When the unit starts up, it does readback tests of some peripheral chips, in this case the A/D and D/A converters. The message you describe means that it failed this test and did not read back what it expected.

      This message could have many causes, from a bad chip to faulty reading or writing. If you have no other symptoms, you can ignore it for now, but there is always the risk that it will become a problem later.

      Note that the DSP4000 was designed in the early 90's, and many of its parts date from that era.


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      Thank you for the quick reply. I am aware that this is a vintage piece of gear and it’s probably almost impossible to find any spare parts. Hopefully it will still be operational in the next few years as it’s sound and character are simply amazing.

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