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      I have a DSP4000 and it appears to be not processing audio at all, just passing through? Any signal from the 1/4 inch input jacks passes straight through to the analog outs, whether the unit is on or off, without being affected by any Programs. The mute button also seems to have no effect?!

      Loading up the white noise or oscillator Program does not cause the output to change, or if there is no input, nothing happens. I changed the input to SPDIF to see if that made any difference and it causes the input meter to light but no audio passes through to the analogue outputs. I have tried resetting to factory settings but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Even if I change the input it SPDIF the analog audio still passes through.

      Analog in to SPDIF out works, and SPDIF through works, but analog through does not (just passes through). I have noticed that when I change from SPDIF out to analog out, the SPDIF out continues to be sent. Is this normal? Does the unit require a restart when I/O settings have been changed before they take effect?

      Nothing unusual happens on the startup self-test or other self-tests (non-loopback). Software is 2.00.

      Is there anything obvious that I've missed?

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      Eventide Staff

       It sounds as if your unit is bypassed. You don't mention the state of the bypass switch at all which suggests that you are maybe not considering this.

       If this is not the case, set the unit up for relay bypass and see if you can hear the relays click when you hit the bypass switch. If you can, check your cabling. If not, there is probably a hardware fault.

      SPDIF is always sent, regardless of the I/O settings. It has no bypass relay, so is unaffected by the bypass state.

      V2.000 is very old software, even for this old machine, so will probably have numerous issues. Unfortunately, Eventide no longer supplies updates for the DSP4000. 

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