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      I have a DSP4000 with version 2.00 software. I am trying to connect it to my Mac through a serial adapter (Keyspan USA-19HS) so that I can use it with VsigX. I have the Serial adapter connected to the 9-pin input of the DSP4000 (there is also an output). I looked through my printed manual but I don't see any mention of serial connections, though I see that others talk about it on this unit. Do I have an old DSP4000, or is there  setting I'm missing? 

      Thanks, Jeff

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      What looks like a serial socket on an older DSP4000 (which yours is if it has V2.0) is in fact for a (now obsolete) PA bus which will not work with anything modern.

      The MIDI can be used with Vsig, but I don't think this works with VsigX. Sorry – this unit is now almost 20 years old, so support is limited.

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      I started working on vSigX because of the lack of serial connection on my GTR4000.  Version 2, when I get back to it, will have both serial and MIDI…

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