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      Something strange happened to my DSP4000B.

      I powered it up and it does it's normal testing procedure.

      After that it says "Initializing" and goes into "Bypass" and a black screen.

      There is nothing changing and no buttons can be used to change.

      Someone have any thoughts on this problem?


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      Eventide Staff

      It sounds like you are not getting the second startup screen at all. If this is the case, it looks as though something is wrong with the main program memory and it will need to be serviced (support@eventide.com).

      If you ARE getting the second screen, first remove any Memory Cards, and then try holding down PROGRAM just before te second screen appears to clear the current loaded program.

      If that doesn't help, hold down SETUP (this will clear the machine setup, so you will have to reconfigure it).

      If that doesn't help, hold down the 8 key. This will erase all User programs.

      If that doesn't help, try support@eventide.com

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      Thanks for the help,but it didn't help 🙁

      Contacted the support, will see what they have to say.

      It doesn't realy look good.

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