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      I'm about to buy a used DSP4500 unit. The seller did a reset by holding 8 while powering up the unit and now the unit displays "Loading Program" and "Can't Find Any Program To Load" when powered on.

      How can we restore the unit to normal operation? I can't buy the unit unless it works properly.

      Thank you for your help,


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      Eventide Staff

      This message probably implies a memory problem of some kind. If this is the case, it will need technical expertise to repair it. There is a memory board attached to the motherboard that may have come loose, otherwise, it could be many things.

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      Thank you, Nick, I'll pass it on to the seller. I'll have them send the unit to Eventide for repair if necessary.

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      Nick, it was what you said it was – one of the pins on the Flash memory board had a cold solder joint. We fixed it and the unit boots up fine now! Thank you for the clue!

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      I’m having exactly the same problem with my friend’s 4500 Harmonizer, and resoldered all the pins to the PC board with the flash memory — no success. I hear a relay click when the initialization sequence finishes the startup self-test, then I get the “Can’t find any program to load” message. Is it possible that I erased all the program information when I reset? I’m assuming the flash memory contains the manufacturer presets. Any suggestions? All are appreciated…


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