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      I spent most of yesterday getting to know my new DSP7000. What an incredible machine! Unbelieveable! Big Smile and keep in mind I already own an Eclipse…

      I'm pretty good about reading the manual on any new piece of gear I get, and I must say the DSP manual is very well written, but…. I can't seem to figure out how to change the input routings.

      The DSP is installed in my studio guitar fx rack and most of the time the DSP input will be connected to a single mono output from my tube guitar preamp. The guitar preamp mono output connected to channel one input on the DSP. My question is, (actually several questions) are the input signal routings per program/patch? or is there some sort of global configuration for input routings that can be saved in a setup. I will for the most part, want to have a stereo effects output coming out of the DSP generated by a single mono input. (typical guitar effects arrangement).

      Do I have to modify each preset to make this happen?…. time to setup Vsig?


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      the 7000 has no routing options. Being a stereo machine, it expects to work in this way or in mono>stereo mode. There are presets that already work fine in mono>stereo. The true stereo ones though require the use of Vsig for input mod or connecting a "Y" cord to both inputs. Do not use "Y" cord on the outputs though! It may create problems. Full mono use requires Vsig mono I/O configuration.

      all the best


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      Thanks Italo, Looks like it's time to start learning Vsig.

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      Too bad it doesn't have a routing matrix like the Eclipse… Sad

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