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      Last night I was checking out the programs in my DSP7000. When I got to the end of the multieffects bank (bank 27) I loaded the program "5th Place". After the program was loaded, there was no audio output (I was using the analog outs) I then loaded several other programs with the same results…. no audio output. I had to shut off the DSP and power it back on to correct the problem…

      Is this a common fault? bug? fluke?… any ideas on what causes this?. I'm running the DSP at 48khz and it's my understanding that all the programs should work at this setting…


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      Eventide Staff

      There is no known problem of this nature (at least, not known to me). It would be helpful to know if the problem is repeatable, or if it was a one-time passing cosmic ray.

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      Thanks Nick. I'll see if I can re-create the condition…. Hopefully it was just a "cosmic ray" Lightning

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