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      I'm new to all this, so please be kind. 

      I have a Mesa Dual Rectifier (3-channel) with my Eventide Eclipse hooked up via the FX loop.

      With my non-Mesa midi foot controller, is there a way, through the Mesa's midi footswitch jack on the back, to control both the channel switch of the amp as well as patch switching on the Eclipse?

      I'm looking for ways to set this up, allowing for simultaneous patch (Eclipse) / channel (Mesa) changes.

      Any insight is appreciated!

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      Is your amp the recent "multi-watt" recto? I think it doesn't have a direct MIDI-connector. The footswitch connector is a DIN-jack, though it looks like MIDI-connector.

      There are many switcher-boxes on the market that convert midi switching to jack switching. For example
       RJM Mini Amp Gizmo: http://www.rjmmusic.com/miniampgizmo.php

      So, you could connect your regular midi footswitch to Eclipse MIDI IN…. and Eclipse MIDI OUT or THRU to that sort of switcher box. Then it would send the switching commands to amplifier in "analog way", via jacks.

      Here is a site that might help you with getting the picture of those switchers…


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      Thanks for the reply!

      So, what is the difference between a 5-pin DIN connector and a midi cable? I'm seeing this at Amazon, and of course they call it a "Midi Cable with 5-pin DIN plugs".

      That aside, once I get something like Voodoo Labs Control Switcher to switch the amp via midi, would this be the proper setup?

      Footswitch => to the midi in on the Eclipse

      Eclipse midi through => Control Switcher

      Eclipse out => Mesa Fx Loop

      Again, thanks for your input. This helps a great deal.

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      The difference between 5-pin DIN and MIDI is that MIDI signal is a digital signal. It contains programmed sequences of data…. "bursts" of information. And it definitelly needs some sort of chip which understands the language and then converts those digital commands to useful action for analog domain.

      DIN is analog…. and those 5 pins are used to choose instantly between the available electrical "open/closed" choices. That DIN connector is pretty much the same as those 4 jack connectors are…. but it just packs all those "lines" into one connector.

      … Eclipse out => Mesa Fx Loop …..

      Yep. If you want to get the preamp sound of that Mesa…

      Mesa Fx Send –> Eclipse In ……. & …….. Eclipse Out –> Mesa Fx Return

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