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      Since I work for over 75% with software; vsti,vst other programs on the computer. And almost erevry product (hardware) has got a software controller for it. I would think it would be more than logical for developing a software controler for PC/MAC so I (and a lot of other H8000FW users) could give it a total control by software on the computer.

      I understand that you guys have made got a good contract with the protools-company with benefits for both companies. For developing a software controller for a couple of Eventide products.

      But is it that diificult for mantaining the same procedure for developing a software controller for other users than protools users?

      I've got serious thoughts for selling my H8000FW just because of the fact that there isn't a good and direct communcation between computer and H8000FW unit such as the E-control.

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      We are considering this and many other things, indeed. But being a very small company with a busy schedule…. time can be an issue in developing a number of different things. Thanks for your advice.


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