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      When I first saw this, I was pretty excited, until I learned it was only an RTA plug for Pro Tools, so Windows users are totally excluded?? Given the hugeness of the eclipse, it would be GREAT to have a nice stand alone program that you can use on your computer to make changes. Much better to look at a large computer screen than a tiny 1U screen. To be able to just plug your unit in like a camera to a computer to make changes would put this unit so far above anything else who would consider anything else? That is the future for rack multi effects to me, nothing super fancy, just a nice huge computer screen for superfast adjustment, not just a plug for a DAW. Anyone else consider this?

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      I actually don't understand that plugin would work only as RTAS.
      Really like this product though, but editing with the 1U screen is a pain in the *ss.
      Any chance to see an editor as standalone ? (I'm a cubase user)

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      Yeah, I am a Cubase user too, and I'd say the market is pretty huge for Cubase users. 

      Even if not a plugin, a stand alone program for the computer would be excellent!  Think about it, you can but a cheapo digital camera a WalMart and you get a USB cable and software to edit your pictures, so doesn't it make sense when you spend $1000 – 2000 on a processor in this time and age that you also get a usb cable and software to make fast super easy (an easy to see) eidts on your new device?  This is the future for all processors, I mean, they are just simple computer devises right?  For the Eclipse, this would be the ultimate idea for this unit, it is so hughe, having a big screen to sort it all out would be amazing.   You need to make some new sounds?  You just pull out your USB cable, connected to your computer, the program comes up, bam!  Your done in 5 minutes.  Right now, you got to scroll..scroll… sub menu….sub menu…   It seems so old fashioned.  The little screen like that should only be for emergencies on stage, haha..  Anyway, this should just be researved for $5000+ units ya know? 

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      yes, a standalone editor would be brilliant. other companies like roland and novation provide them, and i'm sure they're not that hard to make!

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      I saw other posts about it from summer 2008. Any news from the support team on when there is a chance to see this coming up ?

      The comment about all electronic gears nowadays having a little interface to manage it through the computer is very right.
      I'm also wondering it's seems not really possible to exchange users presets over the internet, and load them into the machine from the computer.

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