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      First off, thank you Eventide for the wonderful update coming for the eclipse(and previous updates)….One question regarding the fx blocks bypass by cc#…..with this update
      will you be able to have the choice of bypassing the fx block completely, AND just bypassing the input so the delays and reverb tails for instance don't get cut off when you bypass?

      This would be really nice to have. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak…but this would be a nice implementation of the fx block bypass to have the choice of bypass for the blocks. Thanks for hearing our request and adding the feature in the update to begin with, you guys are great about supporting your products(registered Eclipse user since 04).

      Thanks so much,

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      As another Eclipse user I'd really appreciate this feature being added. As it stands it's an obvious weak point of the Eclipse software. It's addition would make the unit much more usable for performing musicians! 

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       Hi John

      the update will simply enable FX Blocks bypass from external controllers (MIDI/footswitches/etc.). It won't change the way it currently works.

      all the best

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      why not just configure an external controller to toggle 127 and 0 as a CC and tie that to the send parameter of whichever block you want to bypass. you won't be bypassing the block per se, but you'll be controlling the input to the effect and any delay or reverb tails will continue when you send a value of 0 to the send parameter

      just a suggestion!


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      Yeah, I thought of that just a little while ago….we can already do this. And if you tweak with the send level at something besides maxed, you can use scaling to toggle between 0 and whatever your send setting is for the patch. Pretty cool, that we have both options with the coming update.

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