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      I have been running my Eclipse in stereo from the outputs from my JMP-1 Midi Pre Amp for a while, and am really happy with the results.

      However, on looking at some pro rack systems out there, I notice a lot of people put the effect unit into the loop of the JMP-1….. just wondering if anyone else is running an Eclipse in the effect loop of a pre amp as to me it would seem the wrong place?



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      Depending on the preamp, that's how you want to run the setup. Some preamps that have other FX allow you to change the order of FX (including FX loop) that will allow for even more tonal flexibility. The other thing to keep in mind is how the preamp deals with the FX loop…when you turn it on and off, does it cut off the return path or does it allow the natural decay of time based FX on the outboard gear attached to the preamp? Those are things to consider. I run my eclipse thru my pre and get that natural decay, but that's also how my pre is setup, plus I can change the order of built in FX and the FX loop, besides the send/return levels and mix levels of pre to loop.

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      Many thanks for the info :o)

      You are right I really need to put the Eclipse in the loop and see what added options it gives… Will give it a good try out :o)



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