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      i wonder if i have understood this correctly?  can eclipse only transmit midi-data in the sysex-format?  i mean when you change parameters, push buttons, wheels and so on, then it only sends the generated mididata in the format of sysex? is that correct?  thats a bit odd because all my other fx-units send it like cc-messages and such if you for instance change a parameter or touch a button and so on?

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      actually the odd thing is what you report about your other fx-units. Are those pedals?

      I have plenty of racks fx, Eventide, Lexicon, Roland, Rocktron, Korg, TC, etc.—- all they send is SysEx.

      A MIDI CC can only be generated if a machine OS provides the user an option to patch such MIDI data to a physical thing, like encoders, switches, foor switches or external pedals to be sent out.

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