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      I’m finding myself sending my Eclipse a lot of CCs. For example, I’m using the 4 voice diatonic shifter as an arpeggiator and I send CCs to switch between arpeggios. Issue is that when I enter a new arpeggio, it’s quite a slow process to then program my midi pedal to send the right CCs to recall that particular arpeggio.

      It seems like this would be where the crossfade routing comes in: save each arpeggio in a separate program and crossfade. But then I’d have to sacrifice the reverb I’m running after the shifter (perhaps I should buy another effects processor for reverb/delay).

      I’ve thought of writing some software to help: parsing the program’s sysex dump and reporting all the CC values that get you to the particular values, given all the external mappings. Time consuming though.

      It would be cool if the Eclipse had some notion of “Snapshots” so parameter values could be recalled using MIDI program changes.

      I take it there’s no great solution to this, but any advice is appreciated 🙂

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      Are you creating an arpeggio using 4 different pitches, and then sequencing them with their individual delay times?
      I see how that gets annoying!
      You need to get yourself something with the SEQUENCER module, which can then be programmed so as to be adjusted quickly from the front panel of the Eventide, similar to Harpeggiator, but better options that you create yourself.
      It will be more difficult to program the structure (Need Vsig, and program LFO, sequencer, pitch modules, etc), but will be far superior to “hacking” an eclipse…
      I have some extra 7000s if you need something with Vsig and can’t afford other options.
      In this situation eclipse would be great for the backend/reverb simple functions.

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      Thanks @noodle1, I’ve actually got an H8k. I was just using the Eclipse with my guitar rig, since it’s a bit more portable. Time to use the H8k 🙂

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      I’m still interested in diving into this one and working through different ways of addressing your original question.
      Some devices like the 3000 and eclipse are highly programmable but just don’t use Vsig so I’m hoping to explore approaches and report back…

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        Thanks! After spending some time working on vSigX I’m a bit more comfortable with dealing with MIDI sysex, so writing some software to manage things for me might not be so hard.

        There’s actually an iOS editor app for the Eclipse, but it gets the screen image over midi, so it’s on the slow side. I was thinking of actually transmitting patches to the unit, so to the editor UI could be the more typical computer UI of sliders, text fields, etc.

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